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If you wish to create a personalized culinary experience for your loved one, an event or a special occasion, Goya Studio will help make your story become reality.  Our studio stages culinary experiences by using unique themes, immersing the participants with all their senses in an alternate reality.






Gabriel Mocanu is a chef with more than 8 years of experience in fine dining. He has a unique mix of ideas from the five countries he worked in. His focus with Goya is to create an innovative story-driven culinary experience.

Oana Bulencea is an event manager with more than 4 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Oana designs dream-like culinary concepts by choosing and coordinating the right mix of collaborators for each experience. 

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Bogdan Vandici is an eccentric chef with more than 4 years of gastronomical experience. He has an abstract style with a focus on creative minimalism.  

Rob Hajdu is an experimental chef. With more than 10 years in the industry, he managed to give his craft a unique artistic touch. He loves to surprise his clients with a mix of unusual tastes.




Robert Sandru is a visionary mixologist. Robert focuses on creating a unique experience with every drink he serves you. Besides his 7 years of experience in mixology, Robert Sandru is also a barista with a love for latte art. This unique mix gives Robert an innovative approach in designing sensorial experiences. 



and many more creative friends ... 



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The College of Extraordinary Experiences

Since 2016, we are creating story-driven culinary experiences for an annual design-thinking conference. This event gathers some of the world's most creative people to teach them how to create incredible experiences. Our concept is staged in a 13th century castle in Poland for five days.

Even my high expectations were exceeded.
— Mark Ordesky, Executive Producer The Lord of The Ring Trilogy

Culinary Delight at Trattoria Pocol


Here we created a culinary adventure for families. We used Italian flavors, culinary spectacles, and a do-it-yourself pizza workshop.

We feel honored, happy and pleased to collaborate with Goya for this event. It’s a pleasure to work with such a talented and passionate team.
— Alina Federzoni, Co-owner of Trattoria Pocol Brasov


Pictures by: John Paul Bichard, Iulian Dinu, Constantin Traistaru and Liviu Sauca.